Alzheimer's necklace that gives back to charity in gift box

Sparkle with Purpose: A Gift Guide for Jewelry that Gives Back to Charity

Welcome to our curated gift guide that not only adds a touch of beauty to your loved ones' lives but also makes a positive impact on the world. In this collection, we've handpicked stunning jewelry pieces from Revive Jewelry that go beyond aesthetics—each purchase contributes to a meaningful cause. Join us in spreading joy and supporting charitable initiatives with these jewelry pieces that give back.
Gift Guide for charity
1.      Forever Tied Awareness Bracelet: This awareness bracelet represents the bond you’ll always have with your loved one who has passed away. Keep their memory alive and spread hope by wearing this bracelet that gives back.  Featuring an adjustable cord that fits most wrists, from 5 to 9 inches. The center pendant is based on a cell image of the cause it represents. Available in sterling silver or 14k gold filled.
Forever Tied Bracelet for Charity
2.      Happy Heart Stud Earrings: Wear the Happy Heart Stud Earrings to remind you that anything is possible while you also spread awareness for the cause of your choice and raise much needed funds for charity.  These cute heart shaped stud earrings are made with resin over the top of a cell image and come with Sterling Silver posts and ear backs. They are lightweight and adorable for everyday wear!
Happy Heart Stud earrings for charity
3.      Stay the Course Awareness Necklace: The Stay the Course Oval Necklace for Charity helps you remember to keep going when times get tough. Wear the large oval pendant as a reminder of your strength and journey while you share hope, raise money for research and spread awareness.  The large oval pendant is handmade by casting a cell image in resin. Available on a 12-24" adjustable black cord or 16-18" Sterling silver or 14k gold filled chain.
Stay the Course oval necklace for charity
4.      Circle of Hope Necklace for Charity: Wear the Circle of Hope Necklace for Charity to remember all the people who care about you and inspire hope within you. It's not always easy to stay positive, but this awareness necklace will serve as your reminder to keep the faith.  The circular pendant features a hand cut image of a cell coated in resin. The necklace is on a 15-17" chain with extension and comes in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled.  It features a lobster closure with stone accents that complement the cause.
Circle of Hope Necklace for Charity
5.      Stand Up Stud Earrings: These cute stud earrings are the perfect symbol of how you can stand up tall every day despite your illness. Feel empowered knowing you're taking control of your journey with jewelry that gives back to the cause.  Featuring hand cut cell images set in resin.  Designed for everyday wear so you can show your support everywhere you go.
Stand Up Stud Earrings for Charity

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6.      Swing Earrings for Awareness:  The Swing Earrings for Charity are supposed to remind us of happy times and good memories. Sometimes dealing with illness makes us forget about the positive moments. These earrings are intended to help you remember the good and let go of the bad.  These small pendants move as you wear them & are understated in the perfect way for an everyday earring. The round pendants are hand cut photos of a cell encased in resin. Wear them with any outfit to show your support in style!
Swing Earrings for Charity
7.      Manifest Healing Bracelet:  The Manifest Healing Bracelet helps you keep your health top of mind and encourages the visualization of healthy T cell production within your body during meditation. Featuring a black adjustable cord with a small round pendant that contains a hand cut cell image of a healthy human T cell under resin. This bracelet is a reminder to stay positive and focus on increasing healthy T cell growth and healing within your body. Fits wrists from 5 to 9 inches.
Manifest Healing Bracelet for Charity
8.      Stay the Course Earrings for Charity:  The Stay the Course Oval Earrings for Awareness are a reminder to keep going even when things get tough. The large oval pendants are a bold reminder of your strength while you help spread awareness.  These large oval pendants are made by coating a cell image in resin. Finished with Sterling Silver posts.
Stay the Course Oval Earrings for Charity
9.      Awareness Stretch Bracelet for Charity:  Express the power of kindness with bracelets that not only adorn the wrist but also make a difference in the lives of others. These bracelets serve as a daily reminder of the impact of generosity and compassion. This bracelet features faceted stones and a small round pendant with a hand cut cell image under resin. Wear one or ten; you'll show your support in style with the Awareness Stretch Bracelet.
Awareness Stretch Bracelet for Charity
10.  Awareness Hair Pins: The hair pins are the perfect awareness accessories for any gal who wants to look stylish and spread awareness. Add these hairpins to your hairstyle and show your support everywhere you go. Start important conversations about curing diseases & raising money for research, so we can create positive change together.  Each set of 2 hair pins is made from silver rhodium plated brass pins with cell images of the cause you choose under resin.
Awareness Hair Pins for Charity
This holiday season, let your gifts shine with purpose. By choosing jewelry that gives back, you not only bring joy to your loved ones but also contribute to positive change in the world. Make your gestures memorable by selecting pieces that align with the causes that matter most to you and your gift recipients. Sparkle with purpose and share the joy of giving back with a gift from Revive Jewelry!
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