Happy Birthday, Revive!-Revive Jewelry

Happy Birthday, Revive!

It's official Change Makers; Revive Jewelry is turning 2 years old this March and I am so excited and touched by the journey we’ve been through and the charities we’ve helped. Today I wanted to share with you my journey with Revive Jewelry and all of my goals for the future of the company.

Nikki wearing birthday hat to celebrate Revive's birthday

How Revive Jewelry Got Started

Technically, Revive Jewelry was founded four years ago in 2016 when I filed the paperwork to make Revive Jewelry an official business. I had a dream that started before I graduated college in 2012, with a degree in crafts and metalsmithing (traditional jewelry techniques). I had been creating these cell image designs for quite some time & knew I wanted to keep making them- I just wasn't sure how.

nikki on graduation day from CSUF with her grandma and grandpa

Then my brother was diagnosed with Lupus, and shortly after my grandpa passed away from lung cancer only a month after being diagnosed. It was these tragic experiences that made me realize I could use my disease based designs to raise money for scientific research & hopefully, cures.

But when I first had the idea, I was working full time as a production manager for a jewelry company and chose to take the safe route by maintaining that full time job so that I’d have a steady paycheck. It's so hard to walk away from that.

Because of this, I had to make Revive Jewelry my side job and couldn’t really dedicate the appropriate time to really grow and improve it. A year later, I got married, and planning a wedding, working full time, and trying to work on Revive Jewelry on the side ended up being a lot to juggle. Unfortunately, I had to place Revive Jewelry on the back burner again while I prioritized other life goals.  

Nikki and Robby kissing on the beach on their wedding day


Finally in March of 2018 I decided that if I really wanted to make a difference and live out my dream of running Revive Jewelry full time, I had to quit my full time job in the jewelry industry. It was time for me to start applying my hard work to make my dream a reality and really create positive change for the future!

It was the scariest choice I’ve ever had to make! I was giving up the safety of a regular paycheck, but I knew that in order to make Revive Jewelry what I wanted it to be, I had to fully commit to it. I told myself that I wanted to make my dream a reality rather than continue to help someone else’s dream. So, I quit my job and took that leap of faith in my business. 


Nikki drilling some metal in her studio


For a while, I had to do some side gigs like nannying and contract work for other jewelry companies to supplement my income, but this is when I really began to prioritize my work with Revive Jewelry and made it my full time job. That’s why I’m celebrating Revive as being 2 instead of 4.

It's been the most amazing journey so far & I can't wait to keep on going with you!

What We’ve Accomplished

16 Causes

Over these last couple years, we’ve accomplished so much! Revive Jewelry started out with just 10 causes, but now have a total of 16! And there’s more to come... 

Cause of the Month
cause of the month 12 months 12 causes 12 charities

I introduced the Cause of the Month this year where I’ve highlighted diseases like diabetes and heart disease through new designs, partner spotlights, and education about these diseases. 

Donated to Research for Cures

We’ve also donated $3,500 over these last few years thanks to people like you!

revive's 2019 donations pie chart


I couldn’t have done this without you, Change Makers! Thank you so much for supporting me and Revive Jewelry on this journey. It’s because of you that we’re able to do so much for our charity partners and really make a difference. Every dollar we can donate is a step closer to the cures we so desperately need. You’re a vital part of this community & I appreciate all your support, comments & likes, too- every little thing helps push the mission forward!

I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us!

The Future of Revive Jewelry

Now that Revive Jewelry is 2 years old, I've got some exciting changes and new features coming your way.  Read more to find out what they are!

Cause Club Benefits
butterfly for breast cancer research necklace, unity necklace for multiple sclerosis research and long embrace necklace for MS research on marble background

Now that the Cause of the Month is going, I’ll be launching the “Cause Club” subscription. It's going to be very limited to begin- no more than 10 subscribers.

You'll have early access to monthly releases related to the Cause of the Month before everyone else! Cause Club members will also get to choose their color and type of metal (sterling or gold filled) when applicable, and some other special perks, which I’m still working out. If you want to reserve your space in the Cause Club now, click here.

reserve my spot

Home Party Program
woman opening a revive jewelry gift box with a perfect angle necklace inside

If you love a certain cause and want to give even more to the charity it supports, home parties will give you that opportunity! You’ll be able to choose the cause you want to support and host a home party for individual charity fundraisers.

By doing so, you’ll be able to give back even more to your favorite charity and inspire other Change Makers to get involved and join our movement by introducing them to Revive Jewelry! Click here to let me know you’re interested.

reserve my party

Jewelry Customization
woman wearing revive jewelry stacked bracelets on each arm and lots of stacked rings on each hand

This year, I’m aiming to bring complete jewelry customization to Revive Jewelry. That means that you’ll be able to create a completely unique piece that you’ll absolutely love while giving back to your favorite charity- including causes that might not be part of the regular collection! 

If these future plans excite you, make sure to stay tuned to the blog, join the Change Maker's Club and follow me on social media so you get updates as soon as they’re released!

I’m so proud of how far Revive Jewelry has come, and it’s all because of you Change Makers! What are you looking forward to most from Revive Jewelry this year or what would you like to see the most from us? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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