Partner Spotlight: Diabetes Research Institute-Revive Jewelry

Partner Spotlight: Diabetes Research Institute

How are your New Year’s resolutions going, Change Makers? Let’s all support each other to make sure we make healthy changes in our lives! This community of Change Makers that takes care of each other is exactly what I’d like to talk about today. Revive Jewelry is all about giving back to our greater family. So, our charity partner for the month of January is the Diabetes Research Institute!

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Revive Jewelry charity partner spotlight the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

The Diabetes Research Institute is the world’s leading organization in cure-focused diabetes research. They work hard every day to develop a biological cure for diabetes by restoring natural insulin production and normalizing blood sugar levels without imposing any other risks. That’s amazing! Their research has led them to develop treatments that address major challenges faced by people with this disorder. The DRI’s work is unique and has a huge reach to the millions of people affected by diabetes in the United States alone.

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Focus on Type 1 Diabetes

One particular aspect of the DRI’s work focuses on the almost 200,000 young people who develop Type 1 diabetes every year. Type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes, is an autoimmune disorder that happens when someone’s pancreas stops producing insulin and can no longer control their blood-sugar levels. More likely than not, you probably know someone who lives with diabetes. Type 1 diabetes has to be managed with the use of insulin via injection or pump. Since scientists don’t know exactly why Type 1 diabetes occurs, organizations like the DRI are working on super important research to learn the exact causes of this disease.

Focus on Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is often called adult-onset diabetes, but nowadays, there are more and more children diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder. With Type 2 diabetes, your body either resists the effect of insulin or doesn’t produce enough of it to control your blood sugar levels. Valuable research from the DRI and similar organizations has shown that Type 2 diabetes is most likely linked to some of the foods we eat, which is why it’s so important to eat well and exercise regularly. You can read my previous blog post about making healthy food choices to learn more about different diet plans that can help protect your body from autoimmune disorders!

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Another wonderful resource collected by the DRI is a brochure about useful tips to manage diabetes. Since they’re the world’s leading cure-focused diabetes research institute, they’ve thought about the global reach of their information and even offer all of their materials in English and Spanish! They’ve included helpful information on how to eat healthy, how to care for older people with diabetes, how to talk to children about diabetes, and a whole list of other topics covering autoimmune safety and maintenance. They even host an emotional support group that shares practical tips to professionals and parents who live with diabetes. You can check out their Facebook group: PEP, or Parents Empowering Parents, where you can connect with other people who have diabetes, share your story, and maybe even help someone else who’s experiencing a similar situation.

More ways to get involved 

One way that you can support the incredible work done by the DRI is by purchasing the brand-new Front and Center Necklace. Instead of wearing a Type 1 diabetes awareness ribbon, why not showcase your support with a beautiful and fashionable piece of jewelry?

The special Front and Center Necklace for Diabetes Research features a pendant showcasing the color blue, which is the color for diabetes awareness. It joins a gorgeous set of crystal quartz gem stones that draw attention to the cause in the middle while also gifting the entire design with an elegance and subtle healing properties. When you wear this necklace, you can feel beautiful inside and out because you know that its proceeds go towards diabetes research, which is an underfunded cause.

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You can also choose a Front and Center necklace in a range of other causes that we already support at Revive Jewelry. Or, contact me directly to talk about creating a unique piece that supports a charity that’s close to your heart.

This January, join me in supporting the Diabetes Research Institute with your purchase of a Front and Center Necklace for Diabetes Research. Or, choose from any of my other jewelry for charity representing the need to support research for this autoimmune disease. We’ve done such great work together already, so let’s keep it up!


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