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Charity Partner Spotlight: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Hey Change Maker, are you ready to learn more about one of our charity partners? The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is the beneficiary of all the donations raised by the sale of our Support Multiple Sclerosis Research Collection. But why did we choose them & what do they do with the money? Let's get into it!

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 Revive Jewelry charity partner the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

About the MS society

Way back in 1945, Silvia Lawry & her sister, Alice, formed the MS society out of necessity. After their brother, Bernard, was diagnosed with the disease, they found that there was little hope for recovery, but not only were doctors stumped about the cause or cure, they weren't doing any research to figure it out.

Setting up the MS society to help fund research, it has become the leading organization for multiple sclerosis in the world. Funding research that has lead to many advancements and breakthroughs, without their organization there's no telling where MS patients would be today. 

teamwork makes the dream work


The main goal of the National MS Society is a world free of MS. As stated on their website their mission is, "People affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever."

Sounds like something we can all get on board with, right?!


Over the years, the MS society has provided research grants, fought for government funding, created standards for conducting MS trials, developed therapies, medications and diagnostic standards. All of which make MS easier and faster to diagnose, as well as, more treatable.

With nearly 1 million people in the US living with MS, their work is incredibly important and we need to continue to support them any way we can.

How to get involved

get involved with ms society by cycling

There's lots of ways to get involved with the MS society to raise awareness and money for this illness. You can participate in a Run/Walk near you. Visit this link to register. You can also participate in a cycling event or other fitness activity to raise money. Or, choose to create your own, creative way to raise money with virtual events, experiences or selling items and donating profits.

Get involved with Revive Jewelry

Every time you purchase an item from the Support Multiple Sclerosis Research Collection, we donate 10% of gross profit to the MS society. Since the creation of this collection, together we've donated over $275 to help them reach their goal of a world free of MS. Isn't that any amazing feat? But, there's still a lot of work to be done & if we work together, I'm sure we can raise that donation tenfold or even hundredfold

Consider supporting MS research and the MS society by purchasing one of our signature jewelry pieces today.  


ms jewelry that gives back to multiple sclerosis society

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