Partner Spotlight: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles-Revive Jewelry

Partner Spotlight: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

This month, we’ve been working hard to raise money and awareness to defeat childhood cancers like Neuroblastoma and Leukemia. We’re continuing to support Children's Hospital Los Angeles through our online sales all year long.

When you purchase any item from the Support Childhood Cancer Collection, you're donating to the life-saving research and treatments they offer at CHLA. 

So, let's talk a little bit about our charity partner, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

CHLA patient

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, or CHLA, is an award winning, pediatric hospital where they help advance treatment of children’s illnesses through research and education. CHLA’s mission is to provide hope and the best possible care to their children and their families.

They make their mission a reality by employing only the best physicians in the nation. The vast majority of their physicians are board certified in their specialties, meaning that the children under CHLA’s care are receiving only the highest quality treatment and care! 

children's hospital patient

CHLA is also leading the way in innovative research to find new treatments and therapies for childhood diseases. This month’s Cause of the Month is based on a neuroblastoma cell which is a childhood cancer, but CHLA focuses their research efforts on so much more!

They’ve provided groundbreaking research on other childhood diseases and disorders like autism and poor lung development in premature babies. In fact, many of their studies have contributed to current therapies and treatments used today! 

How to Get Involved
Make a difference

One way you can support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is by starting your own fundraising campaign or by donating to someone else’s through CHLA’s website. You can revolve your fundraiser around your sporting activities, a special occasion like a birthday, or as a memorial for a loved one. 

While this is a great way to get involved, it's also a perfect teaching opportunity for your kids. By starting a fundraiser with them, you'll inspire the values of kindness and giving to the less fortunate. If you’re interested in starting a CHLA fundraiser, make sure to visit their fundraising page on their website. 

Another way to get involved with CHLA is by supporting their month long campaign, Make March Matter, which you can add to your calendar now so you're ready for next year. By shopping, dining, or attending the events of their partners (like Revive Jewelry!), you’ll be helping donate money to CHLA. It’s an easy and fun way to give back to this awesome institution! Keep an eye out for details next March.

this month's for the kids make march matter and children's hospital los angeles partner with revive jewelry to help fund childhood cancer treatments

How to Get Involved with Revive Jewelry

As a proud partner of CHLA, you can get involved with CHLA right here with Revive Jewelry. By purchasing any piece from the Support Childhood Cancer Collection, like this necklace, you'll be helping fund CHLA’s research towards treatments and therapies for diseases like childhood cancer.

Contribute to change necklace

I call this piece the Contribute to Change Necklace to Cure Childhood Cancer  because it's inspired by an image of the childhood cancer cell, Neuroblastoma, and with every purchase, 10% of gross profit goes toward helping our partner, CHLA, discover new treatments for this disease.

The Neuroblastoma cell image is encased in resin, making it the centerpiece of the necklace. Complementing it, is a beautiful, bright blue lapis stone that even has some gold flecks in it. What better way to combat childhood cancers than through a gorgeous piece of jewelry?!

Join me in supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and their pediatric research efforts and care. Consider purchasing anything from the Support Childhood Cancer Collection or simply make a donation to CHLA directly through their website. Together, we can make a difference in these kid's lives & they need our help now more than ever! 

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