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Potential Cure For Lupus- Research Highlight

Lupus is a disease we know very little about. Doctors are still trying to figure out what causes it, who will get it, and how to treat it. The lupus research alliance has been working on funding research to answer these questions. My brother is affected by lupus and the idea that they may find better ways to treat or prevent it would be a dream come true.

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Healthy Mother's Day Recipes

When it comes to Mother’s Day, we all know it’s about moms, but it’s equally about the food. We’ve all come to expect yummy Mother’s Day food and usually that means high calorie. But what if your mom is sick or has special dietary restrictions? It can make it more complicated to cook and even more complicated to keep it healthy. This Mother’s Day I’ve rounded up 3 recipes to keep your food yummy, healthy and fun for your mom.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I asked myself, “what do moms love?” Firstly, they love their kids and family, but right after that they love things that make their life easier. Most moms also want to do good for others but simply don’t have time to research or figure out how. So, let’s boil it down; moms love convenience and doing good for the planet without having to put any extra thought or effort into it. That’s why I’ve rounded up a gift guide with every thing moms love that will help the planet and make her life easier (and yours too!).

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