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Partner Spotlight: Diabetes Research Institute

How are your New Year’s resolutions going, Change Makers? Let’s all support each other to make sure we make healthy changes in our lives! This community of Change Makers that takes care of each other is exactly what I’d like to talk about today. Revive Jewelry is all about giving back to our greater family. So, our charity partner for the month of January is the Diabetes Research Institute!

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Healthy Food Choices for Diabetes

The start of each new year is a great time to make resolutions for healthier life choices. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2020 is to make sure I eat better. There are a bunch of different reasons to change your diet from the food choices that affect the environment to those that affect your body. This week, I want to focus on the food choices that influence our health, especially for people with diabetes. A healthy diet is particularly important for anyone dealing with an autoimmune disease and anyone who wants to protect themselves from autoimmune disorders. I’m going to highlight a few different autoimmune diet options that you can implement to take care of your body.

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New Year, New Cause of the Month

Happy New Year, Change Makers! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the holidays with your friends and family and made great memories! I certainly loved spending time with all the people I hold dear to my heart. I want to keep that positivity going into the New Year, so I’m super excited to officially launch the Cause of the Month program!  Each month I’ll release a new style to highlight a different cause. The sale of this “Cause of the Month” style, will raise money for a charity partner dedicated to research for a cure for that specific cause. 12 months, 12 causes, 12 charities. 

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A Huge Thank You to All Change Makers!

This year has flown by and New Year’s is just around the corner! Before we all get started working on our New Year’s resolutions, I want to thank all of you incredible Change Makers for all the amazing support you’ve shown this year! I know that every charity that we’ve partnered with is so grateful to each of you for being involved with our mission to take our power back from devastating diseases. Not only have each of you been vital to our goals of giving back, but I’m also excited to show my gratitude to each and every one of you with some new ideas for 2020!

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Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays

Every year right before Christmas, I’m always busy wrapping gifts, helping cook our big family meals, and getting everything and everyone together before the New Year. It can be so hectic in my house right up until Christmas Eve because there’s always so much to do and think about. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is seeing the looks on each of my friends’ and family’s faces when they open their presents. When they’re happy, I’m happy! It’s so important to me that I can give back to everyone who supports me throughout the year with something special and specific to them. I know first-hand that the holidays can be so stressful, but that everyone still wants to...

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